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By using this website or any of its associated pages and features (“Platforms”) you agree and consent that we, and in some cases select third parties, can use, store and access cookies and pixels, and use other tracking technology methods to enable Platform functionality, collect aggregated data about your use of our Platforms, improve your online experience and manage and tailor our advertising and product or service communications with you. This information does not ordinarily directly identify you, but it is aimed at providing you with a more personalised user experience when you engage our Platforms. You have the ability to accept or decline the use of cookies, however, if you choose to do so, this may affect your use of our Platforms and your ability to access certain product information and/or the use of the services made available thereon. This Cookie Policy, and our Privacy Policy, only cover our use of cookies, not the use thereof by any third parties. Please refer to the relevant sections in this Cookie Policy for more information in respect of what cookies are, the tracking technology we use in respect of our Platforms, and how we use them.

In some instances, the information obtained from cookies is shared with select third parties, which may under certain laws be considered as the “sale of personal information”, so we want to afford you the opportunity to opt-out of any such sharing by disabling the use of cookies on our Platforms.


A cookie is a small, often encrypted, file that is located in browser directories. They are used to help users navigate our Platforms more efficiently and perform certain functions. These cookies are created when your browser loads a Platform. These cookies are then placed and stored on your browser or device and every time you return to any one of our Platforms, your browser retrieves and sends the relevant cookies to the servers housing our Platforms.


Our Platforms use different types of cookies. Session cookies exist just for your session on our Platform and persistent cookies exist for a period of time after your visit. First party cookies are cookies set by our Platforms and third-party cookies are set by third party platforms. We utilise session and persistent cookies, as well as first and third-party cookies on our Platforms.

The first-party cookies are mostly necessary for our Platforms to function the right way, and they do not collect any of your personally identifiable data.

The third-party cookies used on our Platforms are used mainly for understanding how the specific Platform performs, how you interact with our Platforms, keeping our services secure, providing advertisements that are relevant to you, and all in all providing you with a better and improved user experience and help speed up your future interactions with our Platforms.

To assist you in understanding how we use these cookies, we’ve provided a more detailed explanation below of the types of cookies we use, categorised by the purposes for which we use them, as well as who hosts and their lifespan.


Analytics Cookies: These cookies allow us to count the number of visitors to our Platforms and to see how they move around our Platforms. We aggregate this data and analyse it to improve the way our Platforms work and to enhance the user experience, for example, by improving the Platform’s layout. We are committed to using trusted third-party analytics providers’ tools to enable this analysis.Google is the 3rd party host measuring user interaction on the website.2 months
Advertising Cookies: These cookies record your visits to our Platforms, the pages you have visited and actions you have taken. We will use this information to make our advertising displayed on other platforms you visit (by third party advertising providers) more relevant to you. By allowing cookies on our Platforms, you authorise us to share this information with third parties for this purpose, for example, we may serve you a relevant advertisement based on your browsing history with our Platforms. You also authorise us to use third party cookies so we can personalise our advertisements to you and to help us analyse our clients’ behaviour. Our third-party advertising providers set anonymous cookies on other websites that we may advertise on. If you receive one of those cookies, we may then use it to identify you as having visited that site if you later visit our Platforms. We then personalise our advertisements to you based on this information.Google and Facebook is the 3rd party hosts measuring user interaction.As per Facebook cookie policy: Google:


Interest-based advertising is a way of serving advertisements on the websites you visit and making them more relevant to you and your interests. Shared interests are grouped together based upon previous web browsing activity and web users are then served advertising which matches their shared interests. In this way, advertising can be made as relevant and useful as possible. Relevant ads can also be delivered based upon the website content you have just been viewing, which is commonly referred to as “re-marketing”.

For more information about interest-based advertising, what it is, how it works and how to opt-out, please refer to, where you can even select your location and find out more about the protection of your online privacy.


There are a number of resources and websites which can help you opt-out of online interest-based or behavioural advertising from the third party advertising agencies that operate online interest-based advertising for website publishers.

The two resources which we have elected to communicate to you are:

Please note that opting out of online interest-based advertising using the above resources or services does not necessarily mean that the advertising of Leogem Investments products and services on our own Platforms will no longer be tailored or personalised to your interests. It also does not necessarily mean that all interest-based or behavioural advertising which you are subject to will stop, because your opt-out only applies to this third parties who have subscribed to the services offered by the above providers.

Furthermore, you should also appreciate that opting-out does not automatically means that you will no longer be subject to any advertising when you visit or use our Platforms, or any other websites or platforms you access from time to time, it simply means that the advertising which you do see or have sight of is likely to be less relevant to your interests.


Our Platforms use Google Analytics Advertising, a web analytics and advertising service provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”) which enables Leogem Investments to better understand how our Platforms function, how users interact with our Platforms and to provide tailored marketing and advertising content relevant to users, thereby improving and enhancing their user experience.

Herewith a summary of the features Leogem Investments uses, the attributes thereof and also the specific cookies which are deployed by Google in respect of the different features:

AnalyticsBy virtue of Leogem Investments use of this Google product, Google uses cookies, to help our Platforms analyse how users use the Platforms without personally identifying users. The information generated by the cookies about your use of our Platforms will be transmitted to and stored by Google on servers not situated within the Republic of South Africa or the European Economic Area. On behalf of Leogem Investments Google will use this information for the purpose of evaluating your use of the Platforms and compiling reports on platform activity.The main cookie used by Google Analytics is ‘_ga’, which enables Leogem Investments from distinguishing between users.
AdvertisingBy virtue of Leogem Investments use of this Google product, Google uses cookies for advertising, including serving and rendering ads, personalising ads, limiting the amount of times an ad is shown to a user, muting ads which users have elected to stop seeing and also measuring the effectiveness of ads.The main cookies Google uses in this regard are ‘NID’, ‘IDE’ ‘ANID’, ‘DSID’, ‘_gads’, ‘_gac_’ and ‘_gcl_’. These cookies are used for various purposes, including serving, rendering, personalising, muting and limiting ads.


To manage how cookies are used, you can refuse the use of certain cookies through your Google personalisation settings anytime by visiting You can prevent Google’s collection and use of data by downloading and installing the browser plug-in available under

Further information concerning Google’s terms and conditions of use and data privacy can be found at and for further information in respect of the types of cookies used by Google and how you can manage the use of cookies, please visit


The Platforms make use of Facebook Pixel, which is a small component of JavaScript code that is used to optimise ads to Users, report on conversions across User devices and create custom audiences of Users in Leogem Investments Facebook advertising. Facebook Pixel enables Leogem Investments to measure the effectiveness of our advertising by understanding the actions Users take on the Website.

The following information can be collected by or through the use of Facebook Pixel:

Http HeadersThese are standard web protocol sent between any browser request and a server on the internet, which include IP addresses, information about the User’s web browser, page location, document, referrer or the person using a website.
Pixel-specific DataThis would include Pixel ID and the Facebook Cookie.
Button Click DataThis includes data about any buttons clicked by Users, the labels of those buttons and any pages visited as a result of the button clicks.
Optional ValuesThis includes information which Leogem Investments optionally chooses to send about a User’s visits through Custom Data events to create and manage custom audiences.
Form Field NamesThis includes website field names such as email or physical address, which are collected through the use of forms on Leogem Investments Platforms.


You may refuse to accept the use of Facebook Pixel by clicking

This will display the consent notice again enabling you to change your preferences or withdraw your consent to the use of cookies and Facebook Pixel entirely.


Providing consent?

Essential Cookies will always be active in order to provide you with the Services requested through the use of our Platforms, but we do want to obtain your consent to use Functional, Analytics, Advertising and Preference Cookies and other similar technologies. If at any time you want to change your cookie settings, including withdrawing your consent to this processing entirely, you can click

This will display the consent notice again enabling you to change your preferences or withdraw your consent to the use of cookies entirely.

What if I decline the use of Cookies or withdraw consent?

You may refuse to accept cookies by altering the settings on your internet browser. Please note though, that if you delete or disable your cookies, there may be certain areas of our Platforms that may not function or be accessible to you. We may also perhaps no longer automatically recognise that you have agreed to our Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy and Terms and Conditions of Use, which means we will ask for confirmation of this along with your language and country preferences. Furthermore, your opt-out preferences can be removed, so you may need to opt-out again.

How do I manage Cookies?

Most browsers allow you to manage how cookies are set and used as you browse, as well as to clear cookies and browsing data. Depending on the browser you use, you may be equipped with settings that allow you to manage cookies on a site-by-site basis.

For further information about how to manage cookies, please refer to your browser’s help desk, or see , which is an excellent resource which shows you how to clear, prevent, delete or even enable cookies at your own discretion and for various different circumstances.


If you have any questions about this Cookie Policy or the information we process pursuant to the use of Cookies and other tracking technologies, please contact


We reserve the right to vary the terms of this Cookie Policy. We will notify you of any changes and give you the opportunity to review, the revised version prior to consenting to make use of our Platforms. It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the most recent version of the Cookie Policy each time you access our site before you elect to make use thereof.

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